About Our Company

Real trade and development.

Global Transitions focuses on getting results and creating impacts that last.  Our goal is to build stronger societies by helping to make people more able to control their own environments.

Global Transitions is a woman-owned small business with a multidisciplinary team of experts that share our values.


What We Offer

Public Sector Solutions

We work at the national and local level to create more effective, responsive, and transparent governments.

Business Solutions

We help businesses grow by connecting with international markets. We help them succeed by improving processes and managing risk.

Solutions Overview

Trusted Advice

High-level public and private decision makers have called upon us to help establish policies, design more effective and streamlined procedures, and manage risks. 



We value communication and provide our clients with the timely information they need to make decisions.  We are not afraid to communicate in difficult situations and relish the opportunity to build bridges between parties with different viewpoints.

Doing Business Expertise

We improve processes and support private property rights to promote business activity and investment, especially as measured by the World Bank's Doing Business Report indicators.


Capacity Building

We strengthen economies and organizations by helping to make people more able. 


We help businesses connect with buyers in new markets. 

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